It has never been easier to learn how to fly! Paragliding training will allow you to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge for making independent flights on a paraglider.

Make your dream of free flight, learn how to fly on a paraglider!

The paragliding club invites you to Montenegro - an ideal method for initial training on paragliding. Thanks to mild weather conditions throughout the year and the availability of a suitable variable altitude landscape, it will safely learn to fly on a paraglider in a short time and have a great rest by the sea with the whole family.

After completing the initial training you will receive all the necessary skills and knowledge for making independent flights.

The program of the course is designed for seven days of which three days are ground training, two days of flights from low altitude and two days flights from a high-altitude start.

Training individually with the use of appropriate equipment and transport.

It is best to plan training and rest having two or three weeks left.

Additional costs: accommodation from 10 euros and meals from 5 euros per day.